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Video is the most effective communication tool available for athletes/teams seeking to improve their skills/, and recruitment videos are a necessary tool to market your athlete’s skills to professional, junior, and college teams. 

If you’re looking to provide sports recruiting videos to a “select” team, entering high school, or preparing for opportunities that colleges and universities have to offer, Statnine Studio can help. Statnine Studio is motivated to support athletes/programs through the process by creating effective recruitment videos that will showcase their talents. Statnine also has extensive experience working with skill, scouting and highlight reels.


  • Pro Recruitment Videos

  • College Recruitment Videos

  • Junior Recruitment Videos

  • Academy Recruitment Videos

  • Highlight Reels

  • Team Highlight Reels

  • Skill Reels

  • Scouting Reels

  • Video Analysis Software

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Video Game

Recent Video

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In-Game Analysis

Statnine studio has a strategic partnership with Nacsport and CodeX Analysis to provide a platform that represents the next generation of video and data analysis. Combing powerful video and data analysis capabilities for teams and players. Nacsports customizable features is next to none and provides teams and players with advanced tagging, statistical tracking, and dashboard to give you the advantage.

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